The Fish Guys is a full service custom aquarium design, installation and maintenance firm founded by Lanny Calkins Jr. Our passion for aquariums and the advancement of the aquarium arts is reflected in every project and we are proud to have established a reputation in the Northwest for excellence and progressive design since 1988. The Fish Guys works closely with clients, architects, and interior design professionals to achieve unique installation and aquascapes that are in harmony with the space they occupy.

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Some of our services: Our maintenance program: We’re the experts on:
  • Custom/standard aquarium design and installation for freshwater, saltwater and reef
  • Cleaning freshwater, saltwater, reef aquariums and ponds
  • Installing state of the art life support system
  • Moving/relocating existing aquariums
  • Emergency service available 24/7
  • Personalized service with scheduled appointments
  • Water quality testing
  • Diagnosis and treatment of fish disease
  • Leasing of aquariums
  • Dropping off fish food and supplies
  • And much more
  • Monthly, biweekly and weekly programs
  • Cleaning of the interior and exterior of the aquarium
  • Partial water change
  • Hydro-cleaning of the gravel
  • Removing and cleaning of the decorations, plants and ornaments
  • Changing chemical filtration media
  • Cleaning or replacing filter pad
  • Preventative maintenance on all moving parts
  • Adding trace elements
  • Disease prevention

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23509 E Maxwell Ct; Liberty Lake, WA 99019; Phone: 509-879-FISH (3474); Fax: 509-922-0268; E-mail:

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